Shallow drags
summon the fate of one more fag.
Sulfur scented lightning flash
the unmet tolerance of oxygen sacks.
We lack a name for a famed feeling
whose greeting startles us back.
It pauses, healing,
mulling over it’s epitaph.
Humble reincarnate,
under unfolding guise and without name.
Your Gemini guide the flame
Mind the unknown futures.
to the foxhole known so well,
or say and revel in the
now flooded out and in by a new wave.
Whether we chase the tide
or let it carry us away is no matter.
Growth will not become
staring dolefully
from the shore.

Published by Jen Scholten

Jen remains curious and inspired by all ventures unfamiliar and unconventional. A transplant from Grand Rapids, Michigan, she continues her creative discovery in an artistically inclined community of dreamers. She functions with a background in photography and an insatiable desire to express her swirling thoughts through wordplay.

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