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Grasshoppers – Thrupoint Podcast Ep.2

Today we focus on the Grasshoppers program with Douglas Detrick and Nate Francis. Douglas is the Director of Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble, a working musician, and a really nice guy. Nate is a student musician, but also a working sideman himself, and has not yet graduated High School. The concert that this program culminates with […]

Horizon at End Times

John Farnum on HET #38

Join me with philosopher John Farnum. He was my instructor at Portland Community College, ten years ago! It turns out this podcast was my existentialism review interview. Our mutual interest and personal differences in the philosophical life find revelation, as philosophy is about making room for consciousness. For the beginner, this is a chance to […]


Feed Your Head

I remember suffering the idea of college throughout high school. While most of my classmates were off applying to universities far and wide, I was not, and I recall a formative alienation from them. Similar to many my age, I had no idea what my degree would read at college graduation, not even an inkling. […]