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What We See Through the Looking Glass

Days 6-8 at T:BA:14 Time-Based Dementia appears to be what I am going through at this point. Existential crankiness because you need a nap is not necessarily unpleasant. It is simply another affect of post-modern performance. Writing now, I am sitting inside PICA and Angela Mattox is explaining to someone how she keeps herself on […]

Festival Interdisciplinary

T:BA Digest DAY 7: A Litte Airy in Here

After pooping out from FUTURE CINEMA early, I went to my van for sleep. Why my van? Because I knew that The Imago Theater (the venue of Keith Hennessy), KBOO, and WHS were all in close proximity. I needed to be inside KBOO brewing coffee by 7:30 AM, to be on the air at 8 […]