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Brief History of a Magazine Reflected in “Salon”

Death and the First of Spring Sitting at a family dining table on this first day of Spring, 2018, with the nourishing Tucson sun at my back, recalling the December night when THRU Media opened and shuttered its doors to the public for the last time, a belated post is published at THRU, and so ends my […]

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Branding Jason Traeger

Introducing #TraegerMethod In November 2017, THRU Media hosted its penultimate art opening at the company studio and gallery in northwest Portland. Comedian Jason Traeger was featured in the latter half of the month. He called his show “Soft Launch” and it was the debut of a campaign to find a confluence of artistic disciplines. While […]


Reopening to Say Farewell

Three art shows close out the year and put down a pet project. Sometimes a good thing comes to an end, or it never really happens, or it’s something in between the two: A dream woken up from. That’s my gallery, studio, and media brand. I put in a lot of energy to build THRU […]

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American Comedy Finds Itself at Holocene

Contributing Editor, Kathleen Dolan American Comedy is a free monthly showcase, currently running at Holocene, curated and hosted by Jason Traeger, Milan Patel, and Paul Schlesinger, featuring a mostly local line-up. It was started almost a year ago by Paul at the now defunct Kickstand Comedy (basement in Velo Cult Bike Shop). He soon brought in […]

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What We See Through the Looking Glass

Days 6-8 at T:BA:14 Time-Based Dementia appears to be what I am going through at this point. Existential crankiness because you need a nap is not necessarily unpleasant. It is simply another affect of post-modern performance. Writing now, I am sitting inside PICA and Angela Mattox is explaining to someone how she keeps herself on […]