Literature and Spoken Word

Verselandia: On Their Terms

Representing High Schools Across The City, Twenty Students Performed Slam Poetry At Verselandia 2015. It is ten minutes until seven p.m. and MC Turiya Autry (artist, educator, facilitator, keynote speaker, lecturer, performer, poet, playwright, and all-around literary superhero) is telling us that coming here, to Newmark Theatre, on April 20, 2015, for Verselandia 2015!, was […]

Festival Interdisciplinary

Two Breakthrough Shows by Two Homegrown Artists

One-man and one-woman shows demonstrate polarity at the Fertile Ground festival. My old steel bike frame heavily hoisted upon my shoulders, its old scarred body being carried like a damsel across the stream, I traversed the dozens of railroad tracks jutting across paved-over-wetlands on a January night, staring across that endless portal of industry, The […]

Horizon at End Times

Turiya Autry – Ep.24

Turiya Autry is a poet, teacher, and performer. She is performing her one-woman show, Roots, Reality & Rhyme as part of the Fertile Ground Festival 2015. We talk about education, power dynamics, youth life and learning, while probing the motivations of artists and politicians in between. See links below for more information.


Fertile Ground: 5th Annual Multi-Disciplinary Arts Festival

Starting next Thursday, January 22 and running through February 1, an eleven-day program called Fertile Ground will present numerous new works. Tagged “Abundant Acts of Creation in Portland”, it is a city-wide theater-centric arts festival now going in to its fifth year and will feature a multitude of genres such as dance, comedy, and staged readings. A week ago, […]