Worst Monday Ever

Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble pushes the manila envelope in Procedures for Saying No. While the Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) brings a good amount of anarchy to any topic, it’s clearly carried out with an extra degree of relish here, as they set their sights on workplace manners. Smart-casual clothing is abandoned along with all […]

Festival Film

NW Animation Fest: Just the right amount of weird

With multiple entry points, the annual festival brings something for everyone. In many ways, the animated short is a thankless medium. With few mainstream distribution channels, the joys of this usually bizarre medium are often known only to the most adventurous of YouTube explorers. As a kid, some of the darker shorts peppered between installments […]


A Tourist’s Point of View

The visual diaries of Wim Wenders concludes “Portraits Along the Road.” Concluding Northwest Film Center’s Wim Wenders retrospective are some of the German director’s far lesser-known works, many of which are documentaries. I was surprised to find out that in Wenders’ four decades in the film industry, he’s actually been most prolific in this arena. Often […]

Festival Theatre

Empathy for Ahab

OR, THE WHALE BREATHES NEW AIR INTO THE SAILS OF A SINKING SHIP Coinciding the end of its run with the Fertile Ground Festival, Portland Experimental Theater Ensemble (PETE) adapts Juli Crockett’s meditation on the famous legless sea captain, Ahab, with style, humor, and controlled chaos. The piece functions as both a fictional mission to […]


The Team Portland Didn’t Know It Was Waiting For

The 2015 Timbers Win Their First Major League Soccer Championship “I know we’re going to win it. I can feel it. Sometimes you just know it in your bones.” These are the words of Portland Timbers coach Caleb Porter, given the week before Sunday’s title game. They didn’t appear until Monday’s Oregonian, after Portland’s beloved […]