Publisher’s Note: The creative expression below is to be interpreted in the area of slam poetry because the writer improvises from her emotional instinct. As a protester, the writer offers a serious look in to the perspective of the movement, the essential demands of it, and the undercurrent.

Submitted by Bette Lee

Those damn cops just won’t stop
killing people. The corrupt system
just won’t convict them
and put them behind bars.
The politicians just don’t care about us,
the ruling elites just won’t stop exploiting us
because only their profits matter,
not our lives.

The liberals and do-gooders just can’t do anything more
than holding hands and singing. Well, we won’t stop resisting!
Real resistance means getting rid of an exploitative system
which perpetrates injustice, social inequality and power
in the hands of a ruling elite.
It’s not just getting rid of a few nasty CEOs, politicians, crackers or racist killer cops.
It’s about creating a new world where people can breathe,
where they really have power, and use it wisely and kindly
for the collective good of the people and justice for all.
No justice, no peace!

PDX protest from Bette Lee's Facebook Photos
PDX protest from Bette Lee’s Facebook Photos

Published by Hands Up Submit

The creative expression of various authors and artists in response to the new civil rights movement, drawing from the emotional, social, and political currents of the tragedy and protests ensuing from the night of August 9th, 2014. To be included in this collection, please visit

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