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When I Was Wild and Other Poems

Image by Pok Rie Ocean Home Living on the ocean as I do, I hunt fish and mollusks my kin are otters and whales, wide eyed we dive the night waves, soft [See More]

The Trailing Stars & Other Poems

The Trailing Stars It is summer, and soon the Perseid showers I have gone from my desert home I wander far from crowded towns my feet here in grassy, bee clover on [See More]

Dance of Petals and Other Poems

Dance of Petals These flowers coronal quivers of gold heavy headed they nod sweeping sway of yellow dancing white petaled wild spring meadow washes over me bouyant in a breezy field Birds [See More]

Transfixed by Night Skies

A collection of poems turning our attention to the night sky. Of stars Winter, the amber fire of ashen woods, we burned wet the smolder of mire the water and the fire [See More]

How The Soul Moves (and more poems)

How the soul moves It must be a tricky business it lingers, hovers stealthily an invisible silence a swift inhabitation the soul awaits to startle the body In wordless voice it moves [See More]