Live Music

Pebble Trio Live 11.07.15

The Pebble Trio is an improvisational music group consisting of world-traveling pianist Thollem McDonas, Reed College bass instructor Andre St. James, and local arts guru / drummer Tim Duroche. They performed on Saturday at Tabor Space, a cafe and performance hall associated with the Presbyterian Church, up the hill at southeast 55th and Belmont. A […]

Festival Photography

Photo Set: Improvisation Summit of Portland

Ambit was on the scene for almost all of Creative Music Guild’s annual festival, which brings improvised dance and music together through collaborative performance. Images of the event are special, in that they represent an immediate experience, one that cannot necessarily be replicated. Photography captures the moment which is completely fleeting, and in improvisation, the moment […]


New Players at the Heart of Portland Jazz

Portland Jazz Festival slipped by like a stealth bomber, like an underground speakeasy, like a super-hip fad, like so many things we can’t all see. The annual flower of PDX Jazz draws audiences into theaters and clubs by the hundreds with dozens of shows. After twelve years, it has earned the expectation of carrying legendary […]