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Happy Birthday, Lenny Bruce!

THRUPOINT Podcast Episode 7 After a 7-week power outage the podcast returns on the birthday of Lenny Bruce with a special tribute program in his honor. Sean examines the life, legacy, and [See More]

The Sleepy Soldier

Ai Wei-Wei is seeding the flowers of revolution in the grounds of justice. He leans back in the chair on the patio under the soft sunlight while his friend fusses around on [See More]

Does Silicon Pave Over Gold? Part One

A Travelogue in San Francisco, Day 1. My recent trip to San Francisco, joined by Editor and Partner, Kathleen Dolan, came as a consequence of curiosity, nostalgia, a need for new scenery, [See More]

From Dirty Lenny to Louis: Pryor Trends

I’m always ready to give credit to Lenny Bruce for contemporary trends in stand up comedy, alongside friends Mort Sahl, Jonathan Winters and the other “sick” comics, to whom we owe our concept [See More]