The Trailing Stars & Other Poems

The Trailing Stars

It is summer, and soon the Perseid showers
I have gone from my desert home
I wander far from crowded towns
my feet here in grassy, bee clover
on a summery hill, all daisy flowered
green, with wild blackberries
awaiting the August sun fire.

Here amid the slowing of mars retrograde
of my lover returning home too late
no long goodbye, only the weight
I watch oceans of seaweed swaying
at night the phosphorescence
the lonesome, of sea stars trailing

Sandhill Cranes

Over by the wild fields, crossing wired fences
climbing into view, we saw the sandhill cranes
like airplanes, impossibly winged
they weaved in and out of sight
stalking tall amid the grassy screens
prehistorically made and in the green
of murky shallows to wade
warming in the sun, they come
returning every year
and we can feel the air move
in a giant swoop, a flapping wave
breathing heavy winged
we sighed, at their precarious lift off,
the feathery snow of sky
alas, the distant birds
silver streaking by.

Tlingit Man

In Klawock stands seven totems
and a madman, chanting under ebon skies
he is embedded in the cedar wood, he is connecting worlds
a master carver, of language without words
of the raven clan, he is tracing ancestry in the wood
seeking the old ways of eagle, wolf and bear
born of water, amid the realms of earth and air
his spirit runs with salmon.

Featured Image “Stars over Oregon” by Parker Fitzgerald

By CA Guilfoyle

Author of short stories and poetry, with work published on a variety of blogs and writing websites. When not staring at the sunlight through forest vine maples or looking at the intricacies of a cactus flower, she is pondering such things.

4 replies on “The Trailing Stars & Other Poems”

Hi Seany,

Yes they were! I went out near Dragoon with a friend and laid on a blanket on the ground for hours, mesmerized! We stayed and watched all the stars fade and the coming of the dawn, just gorgeous!

I hope you are very well!


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