Transfixed by Night Skies

A collection of poems turning our attention to the night sky.

Of stars

Winter, the amber fire
of ashen woods, we burned
wet the smolder of mire
the water and the fire
dark ancestress home
nights, moon shivering, cold
stars fixed or falling
beyond the skies fiery yields
only dying embers
lost in oblivion’s field

Blood Moon

Summer flowers, all the tiny petals
are colored stars falling to the river
floating in a watery heaven
sailing far beyond this day
into nothingness
into everything seen
like blood red petals
that mingle with
autumn’s moon


This evening, with the wind
of my curtains breathing, I listen for night birds
watch the room grow pale
the finality of day, a closing ritual
how skies reconstruct themselves over again
twinkle and murmur of stars
cynosure of all planets, even unseen
clouds like amnesia, hide things
our earthbound slipping away
of days lost irretrievable

Traveling at night

Redolent rain
steel train
streak of blue
racing through
night lands
rainy window
sallow moon glow
no reservation
nor hesitation
time to travel
some things
to unravel
go looking
my mind
drift into peace
float in my seat
high in the sky
sweet sighs
to feel again
there is
no plan
a dream
a dream
to feel
a life time
so surreal

Veiled Moon

The snow it did not fall
only frost, thick as walls
creaking floors, a long hall
leading upward
where stars whispered
calling to the moon
from behind curtains,
branches and clouds

The night sky

Nightfall, dark with planets
cold desolate sky home
stars amid nebulous winds, swirling
cool, icing, caked in frozen states
cynosure of volatile fates
the fiery red that melts blue
tonight a slow float of milk clouds
a diaphanous, transient veil
drifts its way across
the moon, so pale

By CA Guilfoyle

Author of short stories and poetry, with work published on a variety of blogs and writing websites. When not staring at the sunlight through forest vine maples or looking at the intricacies of a cactus flower, she is pondering such things.

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