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Brief History of a Magazine Reflected in “Salon”

Death and the First of Spring Sitting at a family dining table on this first day of Spring, 2018, with the nourishing Tucson sun at my back, recalling the December night when THRU Media opened and shuttered its doors to the public for the last time, a belated post is published at THRU, and so ends my […]


To Behold The Witch is an Act of Dreaming Itself

Featured Image  by Stephanie Leet. Title  from Amanda Ackerman’s The Book of Feral Flora. I’m swimming in a horse’s eye as it is being carried to school In pieces, in a wheelbarrow Where your grandfather woke up kissing an apple hanging over a stranger’s head Where the children are writing poems you may be reading now […]

Horizon at End Times

Stacey Tran EP.32

Stacey and I talk about THE POPE and his visit to the United States. His shockwave caused the resignation of John Boehner, the pivotal center of my monologue and starting place of my talk with Stacey. Actually, the talk was Wednesday, but I produced the podcast this morning, on Friday. From there, we glide around […]


Pure Surface Turns One

Pure Surface new performance series celebrates its first anniversary. Over the past year, Pure Surface has explored the collaboration of different forms, with the bodies and minds of multi-disciplinary artists coming together in Portland. I recently learned about the series through co-Founder Stacey Tran, having been moved by her presentation at Poetry Press Week. On a […]

Literature and Spoken Word Reading

With the Lizards and the Insects at Poetry Press Week

The line-up of poets on Saturday night for the 2015 Spring/Summer installment of Poetry Press Week boasted five distinct voices, each varied from content and style to presentation. Some read like excerpts from memoirs, musical lines recalling childhood lessons and revelations. Others were thrown like mysterious poetic darts, momentary thoughts and obscure observations following no […]